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What our clients say

After just over two weeks, I’m seeing great results, in mind and body I’m slowly getting stronger, I understand the process better, I’m less intimidated, more willing to stretch myself, and I’m less inclined to give up. Definite progress thanks to Bastion!

— Susan W.

“I am learning so much and get the encouragement that I need. Everything is personalized to my needs. It is dynamic in that my coach adjusts things according to what I specifically need. This is better than an app. It is remote but just as good as in-person."

— Jana F.

“Very good service, responsive with questions and also motivational.

— Caleb B.

“In one word: motivating. I'm stronger. I have lost 25 lbs so far. It's definitely challenging, but they really know what they are doing. It all is very purposeful and incremental, and it feels like I'm actually doing this in a healthy, sustainable way for the first time in my life.

— Monica P.

"My coach was very accommodating with my schedule and has a vast amount of knowledge that has been incredibly helpful to my fitness journey."
— Eric Y.

The progress I saw in the first two months exceeded the progress I made the entire year prior. Whenever I have a question about the foods I am about to eat or lift mechanics, my coach replies via text within a few minutes. Every week, my coach checks in with how my workouts felt and tailors the program for the next week based on my feedback. I have saved countless hours searching for answers to my questions about fitness, lifting, and nutrition - instead of wasting time and money on the wrong solutions, my coach acts as my point of contact for these questions and has guided me through my fitness journey in an unprecedented way.”

— Eddie J.

Frequently Asked questions

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When can i expect to receive my program?

Our policy is that you will receive your program within 1 week of purchasing any of our services and your subscription for the monthly options will begin on the day you receive your program from your coach.

How will i receive my program?

Your assigned coach will contact you on when and how you will receive your program. Most likely, it will be in the form of google sheets that are shared via email.

Can i cancel my subscription?

When you subscribe, you will create an account on our site where you can manage and cancel you subscription anytime you’d like. You will keep the weeks of programming that are made for you even if you cancel your subscription.

Who will my coach be?

Once you fill out the form and sign up for a service you want, you will receive an email with a detailed description of who your coach is, their certifications and experience, along with a picture!

Can i request to work with a certain coach?

Absolutely. Simply get in contact with us and let us know.