Dominic Shipp

Dominic Shipp

Strength/Hypertrophy Coach

Powerlifting and researching exercise and nutrition for over 2 years. Specializes in strength training and hypertrophy.

Train with Dominic - $75/Month


Dominic Shipp

"I started my health and fitness journey in January of 2020, I was underweight with unhealthy eating habits and little to no knowledge of diet and training. I committed to a consistent lifting regiment (bodybuilding program) and caloric surplus for 10 months and saw great results mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, I lost motivation and lost the weight I gained, so I restarted my journey in February of 2022 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I spent all of my time educating myself on the ins and out's of training, nutrition, health, and wellness.

Later that year I started powerlifting, I thought: "What better. way to measure progress, then numbers?" I have been powerlifting since then and have competed in a USAPL competition (Oct. 2020). I train for powerlifting, but also incorporate bodybuilding training for aesthetics and because it's fun."

Dom will also be receiving in-depth mentoring to be able to coach others with his knowledge as he takes on clients related to his field of expertise and who are relatively new to this type of fitness at Bastion.