Lucas Hyde

Lucas Hyde

Holistic Wellness and Strength Coach

Specializes in Holistic Wellness and Strength Training


NCAA Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor's in Exercise Science

Fun Facts
I'm blunt. I'll tell you like I see it.
I recently married my best friend.
I'm an avid ultimate frisbee player.
Torture ( i.e. uncomfortable exercise) is O.K. in moderation
People tell me I look intimidating but I promise it's just my thinking face.
Train with Lucas - $150/Month


Lucas Hyde

We live better when we're stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. You'd be shocked what a little regular movement can do. After over a decade of practicing health and wellness, I'm just as passionate and willing to learn about helping people in their fitness. I know what it did for me when I felt weak and generally not well. The fact that I get to do this for a living is pure awesomeness. I hope I can pass that feeling along to each person I encounter.