Sebastien Patiño

Sebastien Patiño

Fitness and Nutrition Coach/Founder

Certified Personal Trainer and Coach for 3 years. Specializes in functional fitness, performance, hypertrophy, and strength training.


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Fun Facts
I love videogames
I am slightly addicted to caffeine
Rainy days are my favorite
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Sebastien Patiño

My name is Sebastien. I am a student, powerlifter, bodybuilder, personal trainer, coach, and overall fitness enthusiast. I have been in the fitness industry and researching exercise and nutrition for over 5 years now.

I have been everywhere in the fitness world from playing 4 different sports, to training for Olympic weight lifting, to competing in powerlifting in the USAPL, to bodybuilding, and even becoming a certified personal trainer under the ACSM. I created Bastion LLC on the idea that whether you have never been in a gym in your life or you live in one (like I do), both types of people can find one commonality: getting healthier, stronger, and meeting goals.

I am most versed in strength and hypertrophy training but know my way around the majority of all types of fitness.